How To Avoid Damage with Eyelash Extensions

As an eyelash extension specialist, you want to give your clients the best lash experience possible, but if you’re not careful, you could damage their natural lashes in the process. Here are some helpful tips to avoid such damage, and keep your clientele happy!

Before You Get Started

You want to have a thorough consult with your client and discuss the lash map they are trying to achieve as well as taking the time to inspect the health of their natural lashes. If they are requesting a set with long extensions, but their natural lashes are compromised, it is your job to advise them against it and why! A good rule of thumb: it's best to avoid lengths over 16mm or 3mm longer than the client's natural lash. Use your best judgment so your client's natural lashes will be in good health and continues to be a client!

You also want to be sure you are selecting the proper thickness of extensions too! You typically should not be applying more than one "classic" lash extension (between 0.10 and 0.18) per natural lash, but if you're using "mega" volume fans that are lighter and thinner then it's okay, like my 0.03 Lash Trays!

Mega Volume Lash Extensions | Lash Artist Products

During Application

Make sure you're using the correct lash adhesive for your environment and that you're changing your glue dot every 15 minutes. This way, your glue is working properly and can help your client to have properly adhered lashes. Make sure you're isolating correctly so your lash fans aren't adhering to more than one lash. If your lash fan placement is sloppy, it can irritate your client's eyes and potentially cause her to rub or pick her extensions which can impact her natural lashes. At the end of the appointment, be sure to double check your work for any stickies!

Aftercare Instructions

Be sure to review proper aftercare with your client and teach them how to cleanse and brush their lashes. While lash shedding is normal, you should notify your client that if they are over-brushing, brushing too hard or not using a spoolie, that these could rip out their extensions and their natural lash with it! Advise them to sleep on their back, and use a silk pillow, since it's less abrasive and gentler and are less likely to cause damage to her eyelash extensions, just incase her lashes do end up in contact with the pillow. Advise against picking her lashes (for obvious reasons but sometimes it needs to be said)!

In order to avoid natural lash damage, it is part lash artist and part lash client! It's your job to educate your client and use your best judgment when it comes to application techniques, but it is also their responsibility to follow aftercare and protect their extensions.


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