Can Lash Extensions Get Wet?

There is some misinformation out there surrounding lash extensions and getting them wet! Some lash extensions clients think that getting their lashes wet means that they’ll fall out faster, but the opposite is in fact true. A major retention issue is improper aftercare; lash extensions last longer when they are thoroughly cleansed, in order to remove skin/oil buildup that compromises the lash adhesive’s bond.

As a lash artist, it is your job to educate your lash client on proper aftercare techniques, such as demonstrating how they should be washing their lashes as well as some other tips for them to use before your next visit with them. While lash extension shedding is normal and inevitable, you can help your client prevent premature shedding caused by poor hygiene, brushing too frequently, using incorrect products near their eyes and MORE.

Here are some common questions you might get from your lash clients, and here are some pointers on how you can answer them: 


Absolutely! With the lash glue I use, my client’s can shower in as little as 4 hours after their appointment with me. However, there are still some lash glues that require a longer time to bond, so be sure to check with your glue’s manufacturer for more information.

When it comes to visiting the beach or the pool, I do recommend my client’s to rinse their lashes with fresh water and to brush their lashes out after about an hour or so. Salt from the the ocean and chemicals from the pool can clump the eyelash extensions together and potentially weaken the lash glue bond, which is why I would recommend rinsing with fresh water at least once an hour.


A client should be cleansing their lashes at least twice a day; in the morning and the evening. Depending on your client, they can choose to wash their lashes in the shower or in the sink. While in the shower, it’s best to avoid high water pressure directly on the lash extensions since this can impact their bond to the natural lash. Instead, use a brush and spoolie with a quality lash shampoo, and cup water from the shower onto the lash line to rinse. When completed, be sure to let your client know they need to PAT their eye area dry and use a spool and mini fan to finish the drying process; excessive rubbing can rip out the extensions so always tell them to be gentle.

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We all love a nice, hot shower and a relaxing time in the sauna, but steam and humidity should be avoided at all costs since it weakens the bond between the lash glue and the natural lash, which can cause the dreaded lash shedding. To prevent this, encourage your clients to be mindful of the water temperature when showering and to keep their bathroom well ventilated to prevent excessive steam, as well as skipping the sauna.


A common issue with lash clients is not checking if their skincare or makeup products contain oil, which wreck havoc on their extensions. The oils in these products break down the bond of the lash adhesive as well as “closing” fluffy fans due to their build up and weight on the extensions. It’s important to explain to your client’s that they should also avoid oily eye makeup remover products and to replace it with a lash shampoo that’s safe for extensions and tough enough to remove makeup!


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