Lash Artist Life: Camera Roll Full of Eyes

Social media is an important part of your career as a lash artist! Why? Well, showcasing your work is vital to attract new clientele, since they most likely will do their research and determine if your lash mapping skills are what they want. Taking high quality photos of your lash extensions sets are nearly just as important as the act of lashing. Keep reading for some tips on taking stunning lash extensions pics:

Quality Equipment/Camera

Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of experience to operate your phone’s camera! Depending on your level of experience, you may opt to use a professional camera for your work, but your phone’s camera should do the trick!

Clean Your Lens

A clean lens ensures crisp and clear photos! If you’re using your phone’s camera, there’s a high possibility that the lens has fingerprints or other debris scattered across it, which can impact your lash extensions pictures! Before you go to photograph your client’s fresh Doll Eye lash set, be sure to wipe your lens with a microfiber cloth. If there are stubborn particles, then use an alcohol wipe to clean the area and go back in with the microfiber cloth!

Lighting is Key

Lighting is EVERYTHING! Whether you use a mini ring light clamped to your phone, or a larger ring light, be sure it’s adjusted to an optimal brightness so that you’re able to see your work. Excessive shadows can be distracting and can end up being visually displeasing. If you’re taking a picture of your client’s eyes as soon as you’re done with their lash appointment, remember to allow a few minutes for your clients eyes to adjust to the light!

LASH ARTIST PRO TIP - If you find the lighting isn’t quite bright enough on your iPhone, you tap the screen and a yellow icon will appear. Drag the icon up or down to increase or decrease the brightness. You can also edit the brightness and clarity of the photo using apps like VSCO, Lightroom or FaceTune!

Lash Extension Pics | Volume Eyelash Extensions

Focus, Focus, Focus

Double check that your camera is in focus! You can do this on your iPhone but tapping the screen on the area which should be in focus (i.e. your client’s new lashes). This is great for those close up shots, since it’ll help prevent blurry images. It’s also important to tap your screen a few times when taking videos to make sure your subject is still in focus.

Take LOTS of Lash Photos

As a lash artist, your camera roll is literally going to be a ton of eyeballs. Take lots of pics from multiple angles so that you always have a mix of content to use. Take lash photos from the side, above, below, with their eyes closed, their eyes open, full face, half face, eyes only, videos of your client with closed eyes then opening them, the list goes ON. 

LASH TECH PRO TIP -  At the end of each month, go through your camera roll and favorite some lash set pics and videos, and delete whichever ones are duplicates or maybe just don’t make the cut. This way, you allow storage space on your phone for the upcoming month of lash clients!


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