Are You Guilty of Over Brushing?

As a lash artist, there’s nothing more satisfying than brushing through your lash client’s new set. But, did you know that there’s such thing as “over brushing?” If you’re a new artist, you’re more than likely doing this to constantly check your work while you lash, but this can actually do more harm than good! Keep reading as to why over brushing could be causing you or your client issues.

Brushing lash extensions during the lashing process can affect your isolation; when you brush too soon after you isolate the lash extension, you could be getting glue on your brush and running that through the other lashes. As a newer lash artist, you are probably working with a lash adhesive that has a slower dry time, which will give you enough time to fan, isolate and apply the extensions. Before picking up that spoolie, ensure that all the lash extensions have had enough time to set properly on your client’s natural lash. When you brush a lash that hasn’t properly cured, it’ll just end up dislodging it and you’ll probably have to reapply another lash.

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When you’re constantly brushing through your client’s lashes, this is taking away time from you actually doing their lashes! You want to be sure that you’re completing all your client’s in an efficient manner, so that you avoid going over your appointment times, thus potentially avoiding losing clients! Also, you want to ensure that you’re giving yourself some breaks through out the day to eat and use the restroom, but you won’t be able to if you’re not managing your time during your appointments.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: brush your client’s lashes thoroughly before you start and after you’ve used a lash cleanser on them, about halfway through the appointment to check your progress, and then at the end to double check your work. So, the most you should be picking up that spoolie is only 3 times during an appointment.


Are you guilty of over brushing?! Do you think it causes you to lose time? Let’s talk about it!


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