The "Tea:" What It's Really Like To Be A Lash Artist

Becoming a lash artist, can seem like a career that boasts "quick cash," but there’s much more to it than simply sticking on some lash extensions and going to work with lash tweezers in hand! This article offers a closer look at what it’s really like to be an eyelash extension artist and will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you’re cut out for this career.

Getting into the career

The beauty industry has always been one of steady growth, but the lash extension industry has definitely become more popular within the past 5 years. Although this can seems discouraging when first starting out, it's important to envision what will set you a part from others in your industry: will it be your level of service, your skills, or your personality?

If you’re considering taking up lash artistry as a profession, it can be tempting to dive right in without experience or training. Don’t do it, especially if you're a lash artist in Hawaii. You must either have an esthetician or cosmetology license in order to apply lash extensions. However, those licenses don't necessarily guarantee that you'll have the experience to apply extensions, so you must invest in specialized training. It can be a pricey career choice when considering the education you must receive before you even start practicing lash extension application, so be advised! However, if you stick with it, this career can be a lucrative option.

Eyelash Extensions | Lash Artist

Do you have what it takes?

If you’re thinking about becoming a lash artist, you’ll need more than just good eyelash extension application techniques—you’ll need stellar people skills. You need to make them feel comfortable with your presence and not at all nervous about what it is that you’re doing. If they can see your enthusiasm and passion, they will most likely become a client for life! They also need to be able to trust you, so it’s important that you have professional liability insurance as well as any necessary licenses required by your state. Most importantly, keep yourself up-to-date on trends and techniques; attending seminars or trainings, like my Mega Volume Fanning Workshop!

A typical day as a lash artist

Before you can start working, you need to make sure your work area is clean and tidy, that all equipment is set up properly, and that all of your tools are readily available and sanitized. Depending on where you work, whether solo or in a salon, your day can start as early as 7am or go as late at 9pm. Make sure you have a supportive and comfortable chair, because your back will need it! Also, do yourself a favor and visit your optometrist; if you need glasses, invest in some since this work can put more strain on your eyes.

With each client, you probably will discuss what lash mapping style they'd like, and then you'll spend anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours applying the extensions (all depends on whether it's a fill or a full set of lashes as well as your speed). Somedays you might have one client, other days you might have up to 6. Your job as an eyelash artist doesn’t end once you’re finished applying eyelashes; you also teach clients how to care for their lashes at home. You need to explain which lash cleansers they should use, which make up products to avoid etc. Also, if you're a solo artist, then you'll also be dedicating some time to marketing your business on social media and responding to customer inquiries!

Before you begin applying eyelash extensions, it’s important that you understand what it really takes to be a lash artist. If you’re willing to dedicate time to your education, practice A LOT, and work long hours in the beginning of your career, then you'll probably do well in this industry


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