3 Things To Remember Before Your Lash Fill

Whether you’re a lash extension veteran or a newbie, there are a few things that you should remember before you lash refill appointment! Here are our top three things we recommend for you to set reminders for yourself so you can ensure you have STUNNING lash extensions all over again!

Cleanse Your Lashes

It’s so important to have a healthy and clean lash line! Without proper cleansing, there is the risk of eye infections as well as build up of debris on the lashes or lash line. If you arrive to your lash appointment with uncleaned lash extensions, then your artist has to take more time away from actual lash extension application to ensure they have a clean canvas to work with! Do yourself and your lash artist the favor and be sure to be on top of your lash cleaning twice a day. Use a lash extension approved shampoo and be sure to thoroughly cleanse the lash line and brush out your extensions with a spoolie.

When you keep up with your cleansing, then your lash artist can make sure that your lash fill appointment will be dedicated to achieving the beautiful lash map you want!

Lash Extension Cleanser

Avoid Too Much Water and Caffeine

It’s best to avoid chugging water or enjoying a caffeinated beverage before your lash appointment! Why? Well, it’s ideal for most lash artists that their client is relaxed and is staying still during the entirety of their lash appointment. If you drink lots of water right before your appointment, then you’ll most likely need to use the restroom which can interrupt your appointment. If you drink caffeine, then you risk the chance of your eyes becoming fluttery! Caffeine is a stimulant, which causes jitters and the eye flutters, which can be difficult for a lash artist to work with and prolong the entire appointment.

You can always have your caffeine fix right after your appointment, but do your best to avoid it first thing on lash appointment days!


When it’s your lash appointment day, it’s your self-care time! Most lash artists want you to be relaxed and comfortable, so here’s a few tips on how to help yourself do that on lash refill days: 

  • Wear comfy, cozy clothes! Your lash artist’s room might be chilly, so bring a fuzzy blanket or ask her if she will provide one for you.
  • Silence your phone, watch or whatever device that might interrupt you while you’re enjoying your appointment. You also want to avoid answering any phone calls or text messages during your lash appointment since your eyes should remain closed while your lash tech is applying your lash extensions!
  • Bring your earbuds so you can listen to your favorite playlist or podcast.

Your lash artist will appreciate you if you follow these three things before your next appointment, we promise!


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