Top 5 Lash Extension Products You Need

If you're a new lash artist just starting your journey, it can be difficult to navigate having to affordable lash supplies that are also good quality! The last thing you want to do is start your lashing career using products that are over your budget or products that don't allow you to create beautiful lash extensions for your clients!

Since there are so many lash supplies available today, it can be hard to know which products are essential for your lash kit. If you're not sure of the products you need, or need a little help deciding on your essentials, here are our top 5 products recommendations:


Of course lashes are going to be one of the most important things when it comes to your business! There are so many different curls, lengths and thicknesses to choose from, and choosing which lashes are right for you will depend on what types of styles you've been trained in. Here are a few of our recommendations below:

Perfect Russian Premades Mixed Trays - Our premades lashes have ultra thin bases, and can be such a timesaver when you're first starting out. Also, this tray has multiple lengths, which can help you to be more economical since you can complete a look with just one tray versus a few. We are looking forward to stocking more curls soon!

0.03 Easy Fan Lash Tray - Our new 0.03 easy fans are jet black and matte! These lash extensions are very easy to pinch and fan right off the strip! So, you're spending less time fanning and picking them up. These lashes fan like butter and easy to work with, which makes them perfect for beginners learning how to do volume lash extensions or to be more efficient when it comes to the length of time it takes to do a lash set.


Adhesive is probably the second product you absolutely must have! Finding an adhesive with low fumes, great retention, and a good price point! Here are the two adhesives we currently carry:

Superior Bond | Lash Adhesive | Lash Supplies

Superior Bond - Our most popular adhesive! Superior Bond is a clear adhesive, and has a drying time of 1 to 2 seconds, which is great for beginners since it gives you a bit of time to dip and adjust the lash extension before it completely adheres to the natural lash. It is Latex/Formaldehyde Free, and works best in 10%-15% Humidity and 73 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Quick Bond – This is black colored adhesive with an extremely strong bond and a quick drying time! It is Latex/Formaldehyde Free, and works best in 10%-15% Humidity and 73 Degrees Fahrenheit. This adhesive also has low fumes, so it won't irritate your clients as much, which can help with the length of your set time if you're not having to constantly stop to use a lash fan to disperse the fumes.

PRO TIP: Do your research and try to select an adhesive that is known to perform well in an environment similar to yours!


Before you even begin lashing your client, it's important to work on clean natural lashes. You’ll need to remove all make-up and residue from the lashes before you begin application. If there’s any make-up/residue on the lashes, this will impact the ability of the lash extensions adhering to the natural lashes, which will lead to poor retention. Using a quality lash shampoo, like Prolong Lash Cleanser, will help to eliminate any residue!


Retention is everything when it comes to eyelash extensions. You want to be sure that your clients are experiencing great retention (as much as you can ensure, on your end), so that they continue to support your business! Using a primer after properly cleansing the lashes can make sure that any potential residue that might be left over will be gone!

Our Rose-Scented Vegan Eyelash Extension Primer is perfect for priming and disinfecting lashes before application. It is designed to remove makeup residue and natural oils for maximum adhesive bonding. This primer has a liquid consistency and safe non-drip formula and it can be used on natural lashes or eyelash extensions, making it ideal for initial application or touch-ups.


Finding your perfect pair of tweezers takes a lot of time and patience! Tweezers that may work for one lash artist, may not work for another. It's worth testing out a few different options to find the styles that work for you. If you need a starting point, here are our recommendations:

Isolation Model 111 - Perfect for isolating lashes for any style of lash extensions. Having a quality isolation tweezer is vital for every lash artist!

V99 Tweezers - With a perfect 90 degree angle, these lashing tweezers make pinching fans a dream! If you're mostly a volume lash artist, having a tweezer that can effortlessly fan lashes helps you to be quicker, and put less strain on your hands/fingers.

We hope you found this blog post helpful and it's given you some tips on what to purchase when you are just starting out your lashing career!


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