How To Prep A Client For Eyelash Extensions

It is important as a lash artist to establish rapport with your client! They are coming to you for a luxury service and are trusting you with their lashes, so it's your job to make them feel comfortable and that they're in good hands!

What should you ask clients to do in order to prepare for their appointment?

Discourage the use of waterproof mascara a few days before their appointment. It can be difficult for you to remove when cleansing their natural lashes, and the compounds in waterproof mascara can prevent a bond from the lash adhesive to the lashes.

Ask them to clean their face before their appointment. This can help reduce the time it takes to cleanse their lashes!

Ask them to research lash map styles that they would potentially want. This can help save time during their lash consultation, so you can ensure that they're leaving their appointment satisfied and on-time.

The Prepping Process

1. Consultation

When your client arrives, be sure to do a full lash consultation with your client and have a quick look at their lashes. This way, you're able to get an idea of the thickness, length and lash map that your client may want to achieve. It's great to have photos of your past work in different styles to give your client an idea of the lash set you can achieve!

2. Taping

To begin prepping the eye area, you want to ensure that the bottom lashes are taped down using micropore tape!

3. Cleansing

In an ideal world, your client will arrive at their lash appointment with squeaky clean lashes. However, to ensure your client has the best retention possible, it's best practice to use an eyelash cleanser to remove any potential residue. We love using Prolong Lash Cleanser to cleanse our client's lashes! It's safe for extensions, gentle, and helps you to start the lashing process with a clean slate.

Pro Tip: Be sure that the lashes are completely dry before going to the next stage! We recommend using a lash fan to speed up the process. Remember, lash adhesive will not adhere to wet lashes.

4. Priming

If your client has naturally oily skin, then using a primer, like our Rose Scented Lash Primer, is a great option to increase retention. Use a microbrush, and apply a small amount over the lashes to help remove any oil, dust or leftover make up on the natural lashes.

What happens if you don't take the time to prep the natural lashes before applying lash extensions?

"Brush Offs" – This can be very annoying and frustrating! You take all the care selecting a lash, isolating and applying the lash extension, only for it to flake off when you brush them.

Poor Retention – The eyelash extensions fall out sooner than they should and your client needs fills more frequently. A client can be unhappy with spending money on lashes that aren't lasting long and may go elsewhere or give up having eyelash extensions altogether. (Keep in mind, that if you're prepping properly and the client is still suffering from poor retention, that it could be another issue!)

Prepping is an important part of the lashing process! Not only does it help your client have better retention, but it will help to keep them happy, and continuing receiving services from you! Happy client = happy lash artist!


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