Dealing With Client Allergies as a Lash Artist

Throughout your lash career, you’ll most likely encounter clients with different sensitivities. Whether it be allergies, sensitivity to adhesive fumes, or tape, it's your job to help avoid and minimize your client's discomfort to the best of your ability! In this blog, we will be going over the different sensitivities and how you can help to minimize them for your clients!


When we think of lash extension sensitivity we often think of adhesive. It's important to note that if a client is allergic to Cyanoacrylate (the main ingredient in lash adhesives), then they will not be able to have lash extensions. Allergic reactions must be diagnosed by a medical professional! As a lash artist, you cannot officially diagnose anyone, but you can let them know what potentially could have caused their reaction so they can speak with their doctor.

The second thing to remember is that lash allergies build up over time, so one day your client will be fine and then on their next visit, they could have a reaction.

If you are noticing that a lot of clients are dealing with watery eyes during their lash extension application, it could be that it's time for a new adhesive! Whether it's been over 4 weeks, or potentially not being stored properly, adhesive can start to produce more fumes which can cause more sensitivity.


Utilizing correct application techniques is important with lashing. It's vital to remember that using the smallest amount of adhesive possible can help to reduce chances of irritation or your client developing an allergy over time. Less is more!

You also need to ensure the client's eyes are fully closed when lashing, so it’s always best to advise your client to avoid caffeinated beverages prior to an appointment. This will help prevent twitchy eyes and the eyes opening throughout the treatment. If your client just seems to have fluttery eyes without drinking caffeine, there are different taping techniques that can help to ensure that your client doesn't get fumes into their eyes! Also, you can try taping a quarter to each eyelid to completely stop fluttery eyes.

Lash Fans

Lash fans are great for reducing fumes and vapors from the adhesive from the client's eye area. This helps to eliminate sensitivity due to the ventilation. This way, the vapors are moved away from the client's face!

Forever Bonded Sealer

Another product that can help with sensitivities is our Forever Bonded Sealer. This product helps to neutralize adhesive fumes, and reduce any unneeded sensitivities in your clients. All you need are a few drops on a microfiber brush, and apply across the base of the lash extensions.

Tape down your client’s mask

Another great tip during this time of mask wearing is to tape down your client's mask. The mask may be causing your client's breath to travel upward toward the eyes, which can cause the adhesive fumes to settle around their eyes, causing irritation. Before you begin applying eyelash extensions, tape down your client’s mask using Micropore Tape!

Allergy Season

During the spring and summer months red or itchy eyes can be a sign of seasonal allergies. This can be confused for an allergy to lash adhesive, but you can easily ask your client if they are prone to seasonal allergies.

Redness under the eye

If your client is experiencing redness under the eye (where the eye pad was placed), then it’s likely the eye pads moved and rubbed the eyes during treatment, or your client could be allergic to the eye pad. To combat this, you can opt to use tape especially created for those with sensitive skin!


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