Tips To Prevent A Clogged Lash Adhesive Bottle

A clogged adhesive bottle can be a lash artist's worst nightmare! Not only can it be a pain to attempt to unclog it, but a majority of the time it's such a hassle, that we just throw it away. As a new lash artist, that can be an issue since you are literally throwing out product that costs money. Imagine if you're throwing away a bottle a month that's clogged... it definitely will add up!

In this blog, we'll be going over a few tips that can help lash techs avoid wasting money, while also making sure your lash adhesive is working as it should!

Why You Shouldn't Try To Unclog The Nozzle

If your adhesive bottle gets clogged, you'll definitely know! It will become more and more difficult to dispense the adhesive properly.

Please NEVER push something down the nozzle. What this does is push dry adhesive back into the bottle, which could compromise your adhesive. Also, the dry adhesive will more than likely get lodged into the nozzle again. Only the second time around, the dry adhesive piece has newer adhesive surrounding it and drying onto it, which will make it impossible for you to unclog your nozzle again. If this happens, you'll probably throw your entire bottle away.

Adhesive Storage

How you are storing your adhesive could be the first culprit to constant clogged nozzles. Lash adhesive should always be stored in an upright position, in an airtight container. A sealed container helps to keep the adhesive at a constant temperature/climate, and you can even add some rice into it to help absorb potential moisture! This is especially handy for those of us who live in humid climates (like Hawaii or Florida). Our Superior Bond lash adhesive performs amazing in humid climates and actually dries faster with higher humidity!

PRO TIP: Be sure to select a lash adhesive that has been tested/used in as similar climate that you are lashing in!

Depending on your adhesive, you can chose to store it, unopened, in the refrigerator to make sure it is staying fresh until you decide to use it! Be sure to read the manufacturers directions on their unique recommendations.

Cotton Is The Enemy

It’s very important to never use cotton fibers/products near you adhesive. Cotton can have an exothermic heat reaction with the adhesive. If you don't believe us, try and apply some adhesive to a cotton round, and see if you notice a white smoke!

If you clean the nozzle of your adhesive with a cotton pad, it’s highly likely some fibers will be left behind and can melt the plastic nozzle over time! This will lead to you throwing the bottle away. So, invest in some lint free nozzle wipes to avoid this mishap!

How To Take Care Of Your Adhesive

By keeping your nozzle clear and dispensing it correctly, you should be able to use your adhesive until the very last drop! Here are some tips:

1. Remove the lid from your adhesive.

2. Cover the opening and shake for a few seconds, preferably using an electronic shaker.

3. Be sure to "burp" your adhesive before dispensing!

4. After you've "burped" your bottle, dispense a small amount onto a jade stone.

5. Place the bottle upright and "burp" the adhesive again to remove any air and adhesive from the neck of the bottle.

6. If you have any adhesive around the tip of the bottle, be sure to wipe immediately with lint free nozzle wipes.

7. Place the top back onto your adhesive, and store in airtight container away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture.


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