Pre-made Volume Lash Fans: Are They Worth It?

As eyelash extensions have evolved over the past few years, premade volume lashes have appeared on the scene. There is some debate between lash artists who swear by making their own volume fans, while other artists love the option of having pre-made fans available if they're running behind on time. However, just like with nearly all products, it's important to find pre-made lash fans that are made of quality materials, so your client's lash retention is on point! In this blog, we will review what premade lash fans are, what to look for when selecting premade lash fans, how to choose the ideal premade lash fans for you, the benefits of using premade lash fans, and so much more! These topics will help ensure that lash artists (like you!) are BOOKED and BUSY!

Premade Lash Fans: What Are They?

Pre-made lash fans are essentially volume lash fans that are made and ready to be applied. All you need to do is dip them in adhesive and apply to your client's natural lash! Premade volume lashes can be applied to a client’s lash in the same way that a classic lash extension or even a volume fan you created by hand.

How To Choose Premade Lash Fans

It's important that you put in the work in selecting high quality pre-made lash fans for your clientele. So, how will you know that they're good quality? The best eyelash extension fans will have a thin, easy to adhere base and multiple lash lengths.

Another thing to consider when choosing premade volume lashes is your client’s desired end look.

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Can You Create "Premade" Lash Fans Yourself?

It is totally possible to pre-make your own lash fans, but it can be extremely time consuming. Be sure to use a curved tweezer, like our Vtweezer 22, in order to help with fanning the lash extensions. Lash artists use handmade volume fans have often had years of experience, allowing them to move quickly when making lash fans by hand.

Premade lash fans are a great option for newer lash technicians who are still gaining experience with volume lashes. Some lash techs who have been in the lash game for some time also enjoy pre-made lash fans, since they definitely can help save lots of time on a fresh volume lash set.

Benefits of Using Pre-made Volume Fans

Since premade fans come ready to apply, lash artists can apply them quickly without stopping and tediously making fans by hand. Additionally, premade volume lash fans are easier to apply than handmade fans. Though the bases are thin, they’re specially designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily pick them up!

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Premade Volume Lashes?

Pre-made volume lashes are an incredible solution for lash artists interested in growing their technique and their businesses. It’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t be interested in using these premade solutions with all of the benefits. It truly comes down to a lash artist's preference; some pride themselves on doing everything by hand and enjoy making handmade lash fans, while other lash techs love saving time.

We recommend giving premade lash fans a try to see if they're right for you! You might discover that they save you so much time, or you might find that you prefer making your own volume fans. Regardless, it's always important to try out new products and techniques in order to become the best lash artist you can be!


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