Do Mega Volume Lashes = Mega Damage?

Mega Volume Lash Extensions

The Facts

Mega volume lash extensions are a very popular style nowadays, and some people often will shy away from getting them done in the fear of compromising their natural lashes. The assumption is that the fans of these lashes are much "heavier" since there are so many. However, the opposite is actually true!

With proper isolation and placement, mega volume lashes use 0.03 lashes, which are lighter than typical classic lash extensions and can help to promote healthier lashes. How? Well, a typical mega volume fan weighs less than or approximately the same amount as a classic lash! Since these lashes are thinner, they are actually a bit more flexible than a regular classic lash which provides more comfort!

Understanding The Lash Extension

Thanks to LashBox LA, they completed a study where they compared the weight between 0.20 classic lashes and 0.03 mega volume lashes. They dipped the two different extensions in glue, and compared: the measurements consistently came out showing that fifteen 0.03 lashes, dipped in adhesive like a classic lash, weighs almost the same amount of one .20 lash also dipped in adhesive. When you take into consideration that there is no need to to use that much glue to make and apply a fan, it can be determined that 15 of the 0.03 lashes (with just 1 - 2mm of adhesive used at the end of the fan) will weigh much less than a single 0.20 classic lash. When attaching volume fans, the attachment point is typically smaller and provides more flexibility compared to a class lash extension application.

Application and Technique

When it comes to mega volume lashes, the fan attachment point to the natural lash should be much smaller versus a classic lash application. Due to the smaller attachment point, this allows the lashes to move more freely and naturally when compared to a classic lash set. Sometimes, a classic lash set can be stiff if too much lash glue is applied, which doesn't allow much room for movement of the natural lash. With mega volume fans, they can be lighter, the lashes are softer (since they're thinner), and much more flexible. This, of course, does depend on the proper isolation and technique!

Just like with all lash styles, the key to a beautiful lash map and optimal comfort for your client is proper isolation of the natural lash. When the lash extension is properly attached to an isolated lash, it is much more comfortable and last longer than one that isn't; if a lash extension is irritating a client, they are most likely to rub their eye or pull the extension out (with their natural lash along with the extension). Applying the extension to the correct "zone" on the natural lash is also important, since application too far away from the zone can cause discomfort and may break the natural lash (yikes!). You also don't want to apply the extension directly to the skin above your client's lash line, since that will cause significant discomfort as well!

Understanding the different stages of the lash cycle is extremely important, since you need to determine which lashes are strong enough to hold a lash extension, which ones are too weak, and which natural lashes are nearing the end of their cycle. The nice thing about using mega volume fans that sit on healthy, strong natural lashes is that they cover so much of the lash line that it's easy to achieve a full look without compromising lashes in the anagen stage.

You also need to understand the ins and outs of the lash adhesive you use, like knowing which humidity it works best in, as well as how fast it drys. This way, a mega volume lash extension that's allowed to dry properly on the natural lash will ensure amazing retention!


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