The Importance of A Proper Lash Extension Shampoo

As important as lash aftercare itself, a high-quality foamy lash extension shampoo is essential for effective retention, and fluffy lash extensions that last.  Varying circumstances, such as oily skin, active lifestyles, and the use of makeup, have an impact on the integrity and appearance of your lashes. The secret to maintaining a healthy, long-lasting lash set: proper lash extension shampoo. Why? Let’s talk about it.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

First things first: You’re probably wondering why there’s an entire blog post dedicated to hyping up a product that isn’t even part of the application process. A lash extension-safe shampoo is the best tool to help to wash away residual oil, dirt, and debris that can accumulate on your lash extensions. Using lash shampoo with a lash brush clears dirt buildup, which can, left untreated, break down and impact the efficacy of the lash’s adhesive. Lash shampoo is necessary for lash and eye safety, as it gently cleanses without causing added irritation. Proper lash extension cleansers won’t leave any film or residue behind. 

Lash Extension Shampoo

All in the Formula

Okay, so we’re calling out all of the lash babes who have cooked up their own concoction, rather than use proper lash extension shampoo, provided by your lash artist. Here’s your reminder: different artists use different products and it is important to limit using products formulated for other uses. A good lash extension shampoo will have low sulfate content, to prevent damage and weakening of the bond, while retaining the right balance of moisture. Beware of makeup removers that claim to be lash-friendly, as there is no universal, one-size-fits-all formula that works for all lash extensions. Products that aren’t designed to work with lashes can leave behind a filmy residue, weighing down and smothering the life out of your lashes. We’re happy to announce that we’ve perfected our new lash cleanser concentrate to be both gentle and effective enough to maintain healthy extensions, without stripping or irritating the delicate eye area. To purchase our newest lash cleanser concentrate, check it out at!

Talk About It & Educate When Necessary

Before starting a set, your client should have an idea of the importance of aftercare and using the recommended shampoo for their extensions. Talk about it with them and find out if they have any concerns or questions. If your clients aren’t 100% sure of how to care for their lashes once they’re out of your workspace, they’ll be likely to miss the important points. Committing to lash extensions also means committing to an aftercare regimen. Taking the time to educate your clients makes a difference: you’ll be able to immediately tell which of your clients paid attention, and which of them slept through class.


Knowing how to care for your lashes with the proper tools means saving your clients money in the long run and getting the most life out of their lash set. If your clients clean their lashes regularly, the lash bond will remain strong, and you’ll retain more of your clients since their lash sets will be holding up. Using a trusted high-quality shampoo, like our Lash Cleanser Concentrate, will leave your client’s lashes (and wallet) happy. Keep up with our blog to make sure you’ve always got the latest in lash extension tips!


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