Lash Maps & Why They're Essential


For lash extension application, lash mapping is one of the most important foundations for a lash artist to perfect her craft. Mapping is an assembled template that outlines the lengths of your extensions and where they belong, based on a client’s features, preferences, goals, and other factors. Lash maps offer a multitude of benefits, and here are just a few of the reasons we love mapping:

Layers on Layers

Applying lash extensions means dealing with multiple layers.  Maps are a guideline to help you to plan and manage your layers, both ahead of time and during application. Lash maps also means that you’re less likely to overfill a client’s lashes (and later spend precious time removing extra fans to get things even).

 Save Time on Sets

We’ve heard it a million times, but only because it’s true: Time is Money! Time saved on applications and easily-prevented mishaps means you have more time to afford for your business or yourself.  When you map a client’s set, you put yourself ahead of the game, by setting expectations and a guideline for yourself to follow. A lash map takes away the second-guessing that can happen during an appointment, no matter how far into the set you find yourself. Since you’re spending less time figuring out the logistics of it all, you can spend more time reviewing your work and ensuring that the set is absolute perfection.

mega volume open eye lash map

Symmetry Keeps Everything Even

No one wants uneven lash extensions. Mapping before application will ensure that your client doesn’t end up with eyes seeming like they belong to two different people. We understand that faces aren’t always symmetrical, but with lash maps, you can plan a client’s set and ensure that everything is balanced on both sides. You might have the length and volume just right, but if a set isn’t mapped out correctly, it’ll be pretty evident, and you might have to spend extra time fixing it if your client is unhappy with the results.

 Serving ALL the Looks

Lash maps let you plan for all kinds of styles: cat-eye, doll, classic, wispy volume….whatever flavor suits your client. But what does that mean? Well, that means your books are wide open for clients with varying, diverse tastes! You don’t have to limit your clients to what’s popular and trending, you can accommodate different looks. You’ll be able to help and reach different markets that are within your scope, and complement a customer’s natural eye shape, all because you have maps to help you plan.

Lash mapping is one of the primary steps to creating a breathtaking lash extension set that’ll have your books full for months in advance. There’s no denying that there are a ton of benefits: it acts as a tool to sort through layers, saves time, keeps everything balanced, and helps artists serve a variety of different styles and clientele. We truly love how helpful mapping has been for us and decided we’d take out some of the guesswork involved with creating lash maps. We're so glad you’re along for the ride because we were having trouble keeping this one to ourselves: be sure to sign up for our emails to receive a FREE Lash Mapping Guide for you to practice and use for future clientele!


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