Lash Artist’s Guide to Social Media

If you’re a lash extension business owner and you're not already on social media and devoting time to your space online, the only question we have for you is: Why not? Social media is a crazy effective way to get the eyes of millions looking at your business, and as we all know, that’s the first step. Who will become your first client if no one in the world knows your business exists? There’s no point keeping your work a secret. Social media exposes different potential clients to your craft and opens up your business to new opportunities.

Get Your Business Profile Up & Running

Once a conversation starts up about your lash business, one of the first questions people will ask you is where your business is on social media, especially in 2022. For that, you’ll want to be able to give reference to your profile right away, rather than providing an excuse about why it’s not available just yet. Having a social media presence can have a huge impact on how clients view your business’s credibility.  Sometimes they want it to reference past work, or as a point of contact for future service - either way, you don’t want to have to sit there with an explanation. With your business on Instagram, you also have access to helpful statistics that will steer your social media plan in the right direction, that you normally wouldn’t have on a personal profile.  Business social media profiles keep your personal matters separate and encourage you to focus on your clients, separate from family and friends.

Behind the Scenes: Before & After

Clients, old and new, love a good before & after - these transformations provide visual aides for expected results. On social media, clients eat it up and as a result, “before & afters” are the types of posts that are prone to going viral overnight.  If it is clear to a customer that these gorgeous results could be all theirs, they’ll jump right on board. Of course, it’s super exciting to see how the right set of lash extensions can make a client look like they’re magazine-ready. Moreover, it’s encouraging and relatable to see that beneath all of the lash fabulousness, there’s a normal, regular person, like all of us, and that this beauty could be yours.

 Behind the Scenes: Live/Process Videos

Another piece of content on social media that gets clients excited are live or process videos. Process videos break down all the little steps and complexities required for the job. They detail everything, from the work it takes to get to the chair, the work while you’re in the chair, and even the work that continues after the client is long gone. It’s possible that we love to see how it’s done, just so we can appreciate all of the hard work that someone else puts into it! You can set up a tripod or have someone shadow you, so they can capture you in action. It’s an efficient way to bring your clients into your workspace, without all of them having to physically be there.

Put the “Social” Back in Social Media

You can’t be on social media without being a little social….right? Let us tell you firsthand, this is one of the most underrated ideas, but it can have such an impact on your business.  How you respond to clients, or even other lash artists, is important. Clients want to know they have a human being behind the business name. Engaging with people in your industry can be a great space to learn, and it demonstrates your ability and experience for others who may be watching. A bunch of unread DMs and comments may seem inconsequential, but it can set a tone that’ll make your client either 100% sure you’re all in, or questioning if you really even care. The best part is that good engagement will convince the Instagram gods to favor and promote your profile, increasing exposure.

Stay Consistent

We know we encourage communicating with artists and customers on your profiles, but your regular engagement should be balanced with delivering consistent content. If you’re fun to hang out with, but you’re only posting a story or a feed post once a week, your followers will have trouble knowing if you’re really committed. If your booking process allows, you can post your availability on your story or feed, which alone can encourage clients because it demonstrates that you’re organized and when it comes down to it, you show up. Users are constantly bombarded with new and interesting profiles, which might mean that while you’re haphazardly posting here and there, future clients might be distracted enough to seek more consistent services elsewhere. Can you blame them? There are millions of users and plenty of those users are other lash businesses. Staying consistent on social media establishes trust with your clients and ensures they’re consistently choosing your business, no questions needed.

If you’re not already in the trenches trying to figure out where your business belongs with social media, then we’re sure we’ve brought you every reason why your lash business could be lost without it! Social media profiles allow clients to learn about your skills, experience, relatability, and trust before they buy into your work. There are plenty of little habits you can implement to have your social profile promoting your business, even while you’re asleep.  Lash clients especially love access to a business’s social media, as it provides factors that can bear weight on who they choose for their lash extension services. Whether you’re new to social media, or your profile is lacking and in need of a makeover, check out our Instagram e-book!


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