5 Hacks to Grow Your Lash Business

Anyone who has managed a “small” biz as a lash artist knows that the work required is anything but “small.” It takes time to learn what will help your lash business progress and see long-term results and success. No one can deny small businesses are booming right now and the success that lash businesses are seeing is no exception. Here we’ll talk about a few helpful tips that’ll help you steadily grow your lash extension business:

Always Stay a Lash Above the Rest

We’ll start with perhaps the most fundamental piece of advice… a concept that can’t be taught: add your own spice to everything! It’s worth mentioning that this is one of the rare instances in life in which you have 100% control. Owning your business means staying consistent and setting a high-quality standard that your clients will grow to expect. Trust us when we say, clients can tell how important your business is to you before they ever sit in your chair. Remember, you’re not rediscovering a new species; the industry is full of other aspiring lash artists who are ready to step up to the plate. Providing the best lash service, to a client who’s been with you from the beginning or just found you, can mean the difference between a client choosing your business above another.

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Professional - In Every Setting

First impressions can speak volumes for your lash business, which means you should always seek to put its best foot forward. Marketing materials, like your website, social profiles, and business cards, speak to the quality of the service you deliver, before you ever directly interact with clients. Professional photos and videos can attract clientele who only expect the best. Sharing your personality to build credibility is important, but remaining professional creates a sense of stability your clients can trust.

Booking Should Be Simple & Hassle-Free

Booking buttons or forms should be bold, clear, and easy to find on your website or social media profiles.  If there’s info about booking services on your business cards, that information should be simple enough to hold your attention and raise little to no questions. Lash clients should be able to view your marketing material and know exactly how to book the service they want. You can either use a booking service to help manage or you can handle your own booking process. Consider the ease of booking for both you and the client: weed out any unnecessary steps, prioritize the essentials, and test it out several times. Lather, rinse, and repeat until your booking process becomes an effective framework for success. We personally swear by Vagaro!

Stay One Step Ahead

Whether you’re setting a client up for the first time … or they’re a regular booked through the next year, it’s important to stay on top of future planning. As a lash artist, it seems second nature to have your lash client’s refill booked ahead of time, but that may not be the case for all of your clients. Just like good lash hygiene, you may have to educate your clients about planning around their lash set. We recommend reserving their next appointment before starting their set. Building lash sets takes time, but booking ahead means you and your client are prepared for success. Pre-booking prevents any hiccups for those who may need to leave their session in a rush, or those prone to booking “at the last minute.” 

Always Lashing & Learning

One of the best ways to stay competitive in the lash industry is regular education. Of course, you can learn the basics and stay in your lane, but that’s boring and does nothing for growing your business. It’s essential to keep elevating your techniques and practicing new styles to stay up-to-date for your clients. We’ve got the best all-in-one Mega Volume Training experience built into our Lash Meka Master Volume Course. You’ll be training on O’ahu and have access to a ton of resources, including training tools, $300+ worth of Lash Meka products, and a customized plan to market and grow with your business. You’ll flex your skills with everything from lash maps to mastering fans, to handling customer service like a pro, on both the front and back end. To purchase your Lash Meka Master Volume Course, check out the details at lashmeka.com!

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With these tips, you and your baby (lash biz - same thing!) will be an unstoppable force. We know in time you’ll find what works for you… and part of that means trying out advice that has worked for others. A few of these reminders may seem redundant, but reviewing them can be an absolute game-changer, if you’re looking to progress with your business. Save these tips for later to make sure you and your business continues to grow with the industry.


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