How To Sell Lash Aftercare Products to Clients

While providing lash extensions can be lucrative in and of itself, offering aftercare products to your clients can also be a great way to "upsell." If you provide your clients with aftercare products, this can help the both of you ensure great retention! Here are some tips on how you can sell your clients on aftercare products:


The best way to get your clients to purchase your lash aftercare products is to integrate them into your service and explain what you're doing. Start your service by cleansing your client's lashes with a lash shampoo, like our Prolong Cleanser. You can discuss how the lash cleanser concentrate is beneficial for them, yet gentle on lash extensions and how important it is to cleanse their lashes twice a day. You can explain that bacteria, dust, and oil can collect in the lash line and cause an overgrowth of lash mites. This overgrowth results in a yellow crust that develops across the lash line, which can be irritating and itchy. You can also explain that clean lashes will appear full and fluffy, while dirty lashes will look "closed" and not as full, and will fall out more rapidly.

Chances are, after feeling the products for themselves and hearing you explain the benefits, they will purchase those products at the end of their service or at their next visit. Another way to get your clients using the aftercare products you provide is to increase the price of your full sets, so that it includes an aftercare pack with a lash cleanser and other goodies, which your client will take home, and hopefully become obsessed with!
Lash Shampoo Concentrate | Lash Cleanser

Use Language That Conveys Confidence!

It's important to use language like "protect your investment" and "all-in-one" when talking products, since this will compel your client to truly consider the aftercare products you want them to purchase!

Lash extensions are a luxury service that clients are investing in, not only with their money, but with their time. If you explain that aftercare is a way for your client to actually "save" money in the long-run, it challenges them to make a decision to maintain their new lashes. Our lash cleanser also does a great job of removing makeup and is extremely gentle on the skin, so you can also let your clients know that the cleanser is a "makeup remover and face cleanser" and not only just a lash cleanser!

Hold Your Lash Clients Accountable

If you have educated your clients on the importance of aftercare and they come back to their next appointment with dirty lashes, hold them accountable. Take pictures so you can show them the state of their lashes but please don't shame them or make them feel bad! No one likes to be scolded. 

This is another opportunity to convince them to purchase aftercare; you can ask them directly why they feel that they don't want to purchase the items they need. Listen carefully to their answers and address their concerns in a  personal way. This will make them feel heard and you may have an answer that calms their concerns! Is price a factor? Offer them a small discount! They don't know how to wash their own lashes? Send them a link to a video that shows them how to do it (even better if you have a video on your Instagram, then send them that link)!

Need Lash Products? We Got You!

Selling retail products will increase your profits without increasing your workload! It may seem uncomfortable in the beginning to suggest aftercare items, but it is definitely necessary for you to make recommendations to protect your client's lashes! Lash Amour offers a lash growth serum, lash wash kits, and we even offer wholesale prices for our lashing supplies as well! Contact us via email at if you're interested in our wholesale price list. 


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