How To Care For Your Lashing Tweezers

Lash tweezers are one of the most important tools for eyelash extensions! Because of this, you should definitely take the time to properly care for them to ensure they are working as they should. Check out some tips on how you can care for your lashing tweezers:

Clean Them Before Storing

Make sure that your tweezers are free of any lash adhesive. Lash adhesive can can damage the delicate plating on the inside of the tip of the tweezers. If the adhesive cures, then you can be stuck with sticky tweezers that'll cause issues for your next lash set.

If excess adhesive on your tweezers is a recurring problem for you, it means you're either using too much adhesive or not isolating long enough before letting go. To clean your tweezers, simply chip off the cured adhesive with a fingernail or you can use a nail file to carefully wear down the adhesive to a point where you can chip it off. Never use lash extension remover on your tweezers!


Sanitize and Disinfect

After each client, you must sanitize and disinfect your tweezers properly so that they’re safe to use for the next client. Or, simply invest in multiple sets of tweezers so that you can leave the disinfecting to the end of the day! The last thing you want is to be spreading potential eye infections... Check out this blog that further discusses proper lash artist sanitation protocol.

Proper Storage

We've all been there: we place our tweezers somewhere we shouldn't, we accidentally knock them over and they fall tip first into the ground. At that point, you'll have to retire those lash tweezers since it'll be nearly impossible for them to properly pick up extensions or isolate lashes. Our tweezers all come in storage tubes, but you can also invest in a storage box or display for your tweezers! This way, the chances of damaging your tweezers will be minimized.

Always Have Multiple Pairs!

As we said above, having multiple pairs of tweezers can be helpful when you're servicing multiple clients per day, as well as just having tweezers to spare if accidents happen. Lash extension tweezers are semi-delicate, and it's better for you to be stocked up rather than having to potentially cancel appointments if you don't have working tools! Once you find a pair that works the best for you, opt to order one or two more just to have around.

Check the Tension

We individually hand-check each of our tweezers before sending them out to their new homes! Lash Amour tweezers are handmade with super-light tension to help prevent fatigue. If you prefer more tension, you can gently pull the two sides of the tweezer apart to create a larger gap, but just be careful since using too much force can damage them.


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