Benefits of Using a Lash Serum

Do you have eyelash extensions but want to ensure that your natural lashes are strong enough to continue with lash extensions? Or do you just want longer, thicker eyelashes in general? Using lash serums in conjunction with your lash extensions can help you achieve these goals and more, without harming your extensions or making them fall out prematurely. Here are a few reasons why a lash serum might be beneficial for you to add to your beauty regimen.

A lash serum contains ingredients that can help your eyelashes grow, like peptides or keratin! You apply the serum right at your lash line where you want your lashes to be longer. Applying it regularly over time helps strengthen and condition your lashes so they can grow stronger, healthier, and longer. There are no magic potions or salves that will cause eyelashes to grow overnight. So don’t fall for any false claims or promises about growth spurts after one or two uses of lash serums. It takes consistent application over weeks and/or months for results to show up.

Lash Growth Serum for Lash Extensions

With eyelash extensions, you’re entrusting your natural lashes to a lash artist. A good one will know which lash serum is best for your eyelashes, and they’ll also keep your extensions healthy as long as possible by taking care of them at every visit. If you want to increase your eyelash extensions retention, make sure you ask your lash artist or lash tech about using a high-quality lash growth serum. Lash growth serums should be applied every night before bed, directly onto your lash line. Please do not apply them directly to the extensions!

When choosing between lash serums, look for ingredients such as peptides and keratin because they strengthen lashes and encourage new growth over time. Many of these serums will also reduce breakage and thinning of eyelashes so your extensions will look fuller and natural-looking right from day one! Make sure you select a lash serum that is designed specifically for use with eyelash extensions, like our lash growth serum that is 100% eyelash extension safe!

When applying a lash serum at home, try not to get too close to your eye when dispensing drops onto the wand. While lash growth serums are made differently, some do have chemicals that can irritate eyes or cause redness around them if accidentally rubbed into skin. As long as you avoid getting lash serum in your eyes directly, all lash artists agree it’s worth following up your appointment with at-home care using quality products like our Lash Enhancing Serum.


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