How To Choose The Best Length For Eyelash Extensions

When choosing the length of eyelash extensions, it’s important to consider all factors including the client's preference, your preference as a lash artist, the natural length of the client’s lashes, and how the extensions will be worn. Read on to learn more about how to choose the optimal length of lash extensions for your clients!

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Lengths Based on Face Shape

Ideally, you must consider your client's face shape when choosing lengths. Everyone has a unique face structure, so it's important to choose lengths that match their overall features. With a round face (short forehead and cheeks with a rounded jawline), you’ll probably want to apply shorter-length lash extensions to create balance. However, if your client is blessed with a heart-shaped face (narrow forehead and cheekbones with a wide, defined jawline), longer lengths will help to draw attention to their beautiful cheekbones!

Depending on the type of length and lash map you select for your client, the lash extensions can widen or elongate a narrow or short eye or they can shorten an overly large one. Round-faced women might opt for more volume at their outer corners while ladies who are all about accentuating their chiseled cheekbones might want more length toward their inner corners.

Lengths Based on Eye Shape

The longest length that I feel comfortable applying to client's is at the most, 18mm. This all depends on their natural lash length and natural lash health, of course! If you’re choosing between two lengths, pick up both and hold one in front of your eye (or even better, in front of your client’s eye), ask her if she prefers it longer or shorter. If she has no preference, go with the one that suits her eye shape the most. If she's brought in an inspo pic, then go with the lengths that are suitable for her natural lashes and face shape. A shorter lash will appear longer on a person with a rounder eye and give off an "eyeliner" look versus a more narrow-set eye.

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Lengths Based on Desired Look

The right lashes can have a dramatic effect on your client’s overall look. We recommend choosing a lash length based on what your client's natural lash is able to safely handle as well as your client’s desired look. For example, if you want to achieve a subtle but attractive effect, we recommend choosing lash extension lengths from 11-14mm. This will give your client beautiful fullness without taking away from their natural features. If you’re going for something with a little more drama, opt for 16-18mm—the longer lengths will give your clients more of an eye opening look that is sure to turn heads, especially if they opt for a Doll Eye lash map style.

What lengths do you normally use? What lengths do client's normally ask for, and do you do it for them or recommend different lengths? Thank you so much for reading and happy lashing!


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