Eyelash Extensions for Asian Eyes - How to Achieve the Best Results

Eyelash extensions are a great way to add volume and length to natural lashes, but it's up to you as a lash artist to know how to achieve the best results in order to make them look stunning on your client. Some lash clients might have a hard time finding an eyelash extension expert who knows what they’re doing, since there are so many different lash technicians out there with varying levels of skill and experience. Here are some tips that will help you to achieve the best results for lash extensions on client's with Asian eyes (monolid and hooded).

What is a Monolid?

Many Asians have monolids, which are essentially eyelids that have no crease. Eyelash extensions are a great option for individuals with this eye shape since this takes the hassle out of applying eyeshadow or eyeliner!

Asian Eyelash Extension Mapping

What are Hooded eyelids?

A hooded eyelid is a lid that has a fold of skin covering part of its opening. Sometimes this can cause the eyes to look smaller and can make it hard to apply eye makeup. Eyelash extensions are an ideal way to cover up these lids and open up the eyes, making them appear larger.

Preparing Their Lashes

Because monolids do not have a distinctive separation between the eye and the lid, it's easy for the skin's natural oils to get onto the lash extensions when compared to other eyelid shapes.

In order to make sure your client's lash extensions last, be sure to thoroughly prep and prime their natural lashes at the start of their appointment, like with our Rose Scented Primer. Then, seal with our Forever Bonded at the end of the service. Explain and educate your client on why their eye shape might have more retention issues, but it can be abetted with proper aftercare techniques!

Applying Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to the lash curl and lash maps for Asian eyelids, "J Curl" is definitely one that should be avoided. L curl is a great option for eyelash extensions on Asian eyes, since this curl can open up lashes that naturally point downward. Another great option is a D curl which works since it helps to "lift" the eye.

When it comes to finding an ideal lash map, Doll Eye styles are great for Asian eyes! This is due to the face that this style helps to open up the eye and make it appear larger. By placing the emphasis of the lash extensions closer to the inner part of the eye, the illusion will be that the eye is larger. Depending on your client's natural lashes, try to choose lashes that are on the longer side (13mm-16mm) so their lashes are still visible. Use your best judgment depending on their eye shape and face shape!

Maintaining the Eyelash Extensions

Be sure to discuss with your client on how often they should book a fill with you as well as proper aftercare techniques! Let them know which lash cleansers your recommend as well as the types of products they should be avoiding in order to ensure the best lash retention possible. Keep communication open between you and your client to find the best lash curls, lengths, and lash maps that work best for her.

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