Eyelash Extensions & Eyelash Growth Serum- What to Know

Are you natural lashes a little sparse? If that's the case, and your lash tech has been suggesting to take a break from wearing lash extensions, then you definitely need a lash growth serum! If you have eyelash extensions, you may be wondering how using an eyelash growth serum will affect them. Keep reading to learn about the relationship between these two products, and how to use them to your best advantage!

Lash Growth Serum | Natural

Do Eyelash Growth Serums Really Work?

There are many different ways of growing eyelashes, but how do you know if an eyelash growth serum actually works? If your lashes are sparse or damaged, a lash growth serum may be right for you. The key is finding a treatment that’s easy to use and will give you noticeable results. To help you choose, here’s some quick advice on using an eyelash growth serum with eyelash extensions!

A Step-by-Step Guide To Applying An Eyelash Growth Serum

If you’re considering taking up eyelash extensions, it’s important that you take a few precautions beforehand. Lash extensions are no doubt a fun and easy way to take your eyelashes from wimpy to wow, and an eyelash growth serum can help to ensure your natural lashes are able to handle set after set! Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to apply an eyelash growth serum with your next set of lashes.

1.) Make sure your face is free of makeup, and any other products near the lash line.

2.) Once your eye area is cleansed, apply the growth serum to the base of the lash line, like an eyeliner!

3.) Don’t put serums through the length of your lashes! If you have volume extensions, this will plaster your poor fans shut and turn your beautiful fluffy set into a spiky mess!

Where To Buy An Effective Solution

It's important to note that you might require more frequent fills if you are using a growth serum consistently with your extensions since your natural lashes will grow out faster than usual. Once you've achieved fuller lashes, it'll be time to slowly wean yourself off of the serum! Our Lash Enhancing Serum should be used morning and night when you first begin usage, and then you may slowly transition to only night time application, then application every other day. Our lash growth serum contains ingredients that are safe to use with or without lash extensions! Order yours today!!!


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