Does Instagram Really Help Your Lash Business?

Everyone who’s anyone is on the gram now - so much that it may seem almost IMPOSSIBLE for you and your brand to stand out. Instagram is a great tool to learn what works for your market, straight from the source.  However, using any tool without the know-how can risk putting yourself into less-than-ideal situations.

Instagram could be your best bet to growing your lashing business and expanding its impact. Knowing what works and what doesn’t, the do’s and don’ts, and being able to handle changes to the infamous, ever-changing algorithm is more than half the battle. Certain behaviors can either help or hurt your branding - but should you have to try EVERYTHING out to know if it works? There are so many tips and tricks around the internet, strategies that will “SKYROCKET YOUR GROWTH,” but how can anyone know which advice is actually worth its weight?

Tested & Verified Information - The Hard Work is Done for you!

How awesome would it be if someone gathered all of this helpful information and put it all in one place? Someone who has run the trials and experienced the shortcomings and pitfalls of bad advice. A tour guide of sorts to make sure you’ve been pointed in the right direction towards methods that stand the test of time. Say less - I’ve got you! You’ll find these helpful nuggets, including the basics that I’ve personally tried and tested, which are now available in my e-book "The Art of Being On Brand!" It’s a one-stop-shop of RELEVANT information to help you become efficient and consistent on social media.

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Packed with the Good Stuff

It’s crazy how one can use hashtags to expand an audience, and how engaging with a purpose can help you reach new viewers. In the case of social media content, less is more, and info-dumping is a no-no. Simple tweaks to your bio or even the way you edit your photos before hitting “Post” can have an impact on how well your content does.  If you have the right tools, you and your brand can take the IG market by storm!

Is "The Art of Being On Brand" only for lash artists?

All savvy CEOs and anyone else looking to establish their brand’s presence on Instagram needs to download a copy of  "The Art of Being On Brand." I want to mention that although the information provided in this training is specific to lash artists, any business owner can benefit by downloading this e-book to give their business the edge “on the gram.” 

Please be aware that you may download this e-book 3 times; please save it in a safe place!


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