DIY Lash Aftercare 🧖🏻‍♀️

DIY Lash Aftercare 🧖🏻‍♀️

Proper aftercare is essential to maintaining the longevity and beauty of your lash extensions. Regular cleansing, gentle brushing, and avoiding oil-based products are just a few steps that ensure your lashes remain stunning and healthy. By embracing a consistent aftercare routine, you not only extend the life of your lashes but also promote the health of your natural lashes. 

It can be hard to decide which lash aftercare is best for you, so we put together this simple how to make your own for personal use, or to sell to clients if you're a lash artist 🤗

What You'll Need

+ Lash Cleanser Concentrate

+ Foam Pump Bottle

+ Filtered Water

How To Do It

Simply add 1 part lash concentrate to two parts of water, and that's it! Shake it up together well and you've made your own lash concentrate, it really is that easy.

The best part? Our lash concentrate can make around 11 bottles of foaming lash concentrate so you're making the most out of your money! Or if you wanna skip the DIY step altogether, you can use a PEA sized amount of our concentrate as a cleanser, and it'll still last you a long time (it also works great as a face cleanser 😉).

No matter what route you choose, there's no excuse NOT to cleanse your lashes and keep those extensions looking as fresh as the day you got them 🥰


To buy your supplies to make your own lash cleanser (including the instruction label for our lash artists out there), check them out on our website here


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