Easy Extra Income for Lash Artists

Easy Extra Income for Lash Artists

DIY Lash Wash. It's a simple, quick way to make a little extra money, and frankly, EVERY girl getting lash extensions NEEDS a Lash Wash.  It's basically a mandatory add on, and rather than pointing your clients somewhere else for cleanser, make it easier for your clients and beneficial for yourself by making and selling it yourself! 


(1) Lash Wash Cleanser Concentrate ($24.99)


(10) 50 mL Foam Pump Bottle ($2 ea)


Lash Wash Label Sticker ($5 for 12)


Distilled Water


How To Make It:

1. Fill the 50 mL foam pump bottle with 15 pumps of the Lash Wash Concentrate.

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, about 80% full, leaving some empty space in the bottle.

3. Shake the ingredients together and add a Lash Wash Label.


What's The Profit?

Let's start by figuring out the cost for a single Lash Wash.  Assuming you're making 10 bottles of Lash Wash, here's the cost of each supply:

Lash Wash Concentrate: $2.50

50 mL foam pump bottles: $2

Lash Wash Label: $2.40

So the total cost would total $6.90.  If you were to sell them at the recommended price of $10-$15, then the more affordable end would profit $3.10 each and the higher end price would profit $8.10 each. 

The process of making the 10 bottles of Lash Wash takes about 5 minutes to make.  That's a total of $31-$81 of profit for 5 minutes of work! 


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