Crazy Lengths: Lash Serum and Lash Extensions

Crazy Lengths: Lash Serum and Lash Extensions

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We all understand the desire for long fluttery lashes, and with so many options to achieve that look, how do we navigate how these options can coexist? We're gonna break down the do's and don't of using lash serum with your lash extensions, and how to maintain the perfect delicate balance between lush extensions and natural lash care.

What's What?

Lash serums are a supplementary tool to help encourage the growth of your natural lashes, whereas lash extensions are addition to your natural lashes to help enhance the look of your natural lashes.  

Mindful Decision Making & Techniques

When choosing a lash serum, it's crucial to choose a lash serum that is specifically formulated to use with lash extensions. Look for serums that are oil-free, gentle, and safe for extension adhesive.  A lash friendly serum can work its magic without compromising the longevity of your extensions. Also consider picking a lash serum that can enhance lash health and growth, contributing to the overall appearance of your extensions.  A well nourished lash line promotes healthier natural lashes, which can serve as as a strong foundation for extensions.

Make sure you're applying your lash serum with precision.  Look for serums with precise applicators to target the roots of your natural lashes.  Carefully apply the serum without touching the extension or adhesive. This step-by-step approach minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.

Timing matters when it comes to applying lash serums and maintaining lash extensions. Avoid times when you have recently had your extensions touched up. This prevents any disruption to the adhesive bond.

Additional Aftercare

Cleansing is an essential step in lash extension care. Opt for a lash-safe cleanser that is gentle on both extensions and your natural lashes. Be diligent in removing any residue from the lash serum to prevent any interference with the adhesive.

Regularly visit your lash technician for maintenance and touch-ups. They can assess the condition of both your extensions and natural lashes. If you have any concerns about using lash serums, seek professional advice to ensure the safety and longevity of your extensions.


The harmonious integration of lash serums and extensions is possible with thoughtful selection, careful application, and consistent maintenance. When used correctly, lash serums can complement extensions by promoting healthy natural lashes. By adhering to best practices, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—luxurious extensions and enhanced natural lash growth. Remember, informed decisions and professional guidance are key to achieving the perfect balance between stunning extensions and nurturing your own lash beauty.

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