Why Buying Lash Artist Supplies At Wholesale Makes Financial Sense

At Lash Meka, we've recently been offering wholesale options for our lash artist supplies! Wholesale just makes financial sense for lash artists who are busy and want to save money.

While we offer already competitive price points for our lash extension supplies, wholesale is just another opportunity for you to save even more. We truly believe in helping other lash techs to earn more, by spending less on the products they need for their lash business.

So, how can you get in on this amazing deal?

All you have to do is send us a wholesale inquiry via our contact form on our website! It's that easy. From there, we will review all requests and get back to you with our lash supply wholesale line sheet, so you can get a better idea of which lash tweezers or lash trays you need.

Our wholesale prices are up to 30% off retail value; our minimum order requirement is $400. So, you'll essentially order $520+ worth of lash extension products for $400+. You save $120 dollars instantly, which can go towards more lash tech supplies or you can save that up to invest in other aspects of your lash extension business.

Lash Glue | Glue for Lash Artists

It just makes sense to purchase your supplies in bulk! While $400 might seem like a lot to spend at once for some, it’s the perfect way to save money in the long run for your lash business.

Imagine you’re already spending $125 per month on lash trays, lash adhesive, tape, lash extension cleanser etc. In approximately 3 months, you would have already spent around the same amount as you would have if you had just placed a wholesale order and actually SAVED more of your hard earned money. The nice thing about ordering your lash extension supplies at a wholesale rate, is that you’ll also be pretty stoked up on your supplies for a few months. No more worrying about running out of your favorite lash glue or lash trays.

We’ve had DMs and emails from a few Hawaii lash artists frantically trying to pick up our affordable lash extension products last minute, since they’ve run out and won’t be able to take lash clients. Having an ample stock of lashing products means you won’t have to turn clients away and lose out on income!

What are you waiting for, boo! Go ahead and make the investment in your business and order in bulk from us, so you can save more money for your lash business!


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