Top Reasons Why You Need Eyelash Extensions

It’s 2022 and if you’re still on the fence about lying down for those lush, luxurious lash extensions, that’s ok! This is a judgment-free zone. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be 5000% sure about something that’ll end up on their face, right? Let’s talk about 5 benefits that we know will have you falling hopelessly in LOVE with lash extensions. You’ll be wishing you’d gotten lashed that much sooner!

Look better, feel better

First of all, when you enter the room with gorgeous, full lashes, you’re bound to turn heads. Lash extensions are the cherry on top, that little bit of “umph” to finish that perfect makeup look. It’s simple: when you look beautiful, it can make you feel beautiful, too! Lash extensions in the beauty world are like the enchanted mirror from fairytales: they’re there to remind you that you’re the “fairest in all the land.”

Lashes without limits

If you catch yourself in the hallway mirror after extensions and you don’t recognize yourself, that’s normal. Lash extensions are weightless and feel natural! You can wake up beautiful and forget all about them even though they’re front and center on your face.

Eyelash Extensions | Volume Eyelashes

Save time

Wouldn’t you love to hit the snooze button, and still walk out of the house as gorgeous as ever, without rushing or being late? The answer: lash extensions.  No need to layer coats of makeup or stress about clumping mascara right before you have to leave. Extensions do the work for you. Not only does it save time in the morning, but no lash makeup means you don’t have to remove eye gunk by the end of the day. Extensions free up a little more time for the millions of other things you have to do during your day. 

Save $$$

Let’s save money on makeup, shall we? Now we don’t have any discount codes or coupons, sorry…but here’s proof that choosing lash extensions will inevitably save you money. With lashes, you’re no longer applying mascara or spending your valuable time applying eye makeup (time = money). As a result, you shouldn’t need to spend as much on lash-related products, including makeup wipes or remover, micellar water, cotton rounds, eyelash glue, fake lashes, magnetic liner…the list goes on and on.

Easy-peasy to maintain

Lash extensions are pretty fool-proof: after the initial appointment, fills (or touch-ups) are only required every 2-3 weeks. As far as maintenance goes, just keep up with your lash cleansing with your lash shampoo and lash spoolie, that’s about all you need. Fills are less expensive and they don’t take as long to apply as the first visit. Rain or shine, lash extensions are the easy, effortless option to stay gorgeous.

Is it obvious? Can you tell how much we love them? There’s no denying we have more than enough reasons to love extensions. Whether it’s the money or time you’ll save… maybe it’s the way it perfectly frames your face… either way, we love all of it. Once you get lashed, you’ll never want to go back!


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