Understanding Lashing Tweezers

Eyelash Tweezers for Lash Artists

Tweezers are extremely important in the lash artistry world. To those who don't know, lashing tweezers are not like the common tweezer that many of us are used to when it comes to hair plucking. Rather, lash tweezers are an extension of your hands/fingers and it's important when it comes to isolating natural lashes and application of extensions.

The tweezers used for eyelash extension are literally so important, since they are one of the few lash extension supplies that you use from the beginning to the end of the set. Therefore, being able to master the skill of utilizing professional lashing tweezers is extremely important to the art of beautiful eyelash extensions. 

Tip Shape Types Of Eyelash Extension Tweezers

The tips of lash tweezers are what sets them a part from other tweezers. The tips of lashing tweezers are particularly important because they are used for picking, selecting, and separating eyelashes during the entire application process. There are different types of tips most commonly known as straight, curved/"S shape", and "L shape." Each type of tweezer tip serves a distinctive purpose in the lashing process.

Straight tweezers are perfect for isolation and for classic lash sets. We recommend using thin and long tweezers for isolation, like our Isolation Model 333 tweezer. The thicker and shorter tip of the tweezer, the more ideal it is for classic lash extensions.


"S shape" lash extension tweezers are great for isolation, as well as for picking up fans and attaching them when you perform the volume lash extension set. Our Isolation Model 111 is perfect for isolation on clients with deep set eyes, or our V99 Tweezer is great for creating volume fans!


"L shape" lash extension tweezers are fabulous tools when you make handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them. Our VTweezer 22 is perfect for mega volume lash extension sets, since it applies the perfect amount of pinch and pressure to fanning lash extensions like butter.

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Lash Tweezers

Once you've found the perfect tweezers, it's important to take proper care of them to avoid contamination between clients, as well as making them last a long time!

Avoid using the same tweezers for thin lash extensions (like ~0.06mm) and for the thicker lash extensions. When using lashing tweezers for thicker extensions, the tweezer might become looser over time and it might prove difficult to pick up thinner lash extensions. We suggest either getting two different tips, but slightly similar tweezers so you're able to differentiate between them (or you can always look into two different colors - we have blush pink lashing tweezers as well as gold).

It's best practice to remove any adhesive from the tweezers as soon as possible. Lash extension adhesive or tape adhesive on the tweezers can create an imbalance in weight distribution of the tweezers, which will damage your tweezers. Cleanse and disinfect your tweezers at the end of each work day thoroughly!

Remember that the tip of the tweezers is very fine and fragile; the tweezer tip is the most important part of the tool. Avoid tapping the tip of the tweezers against a hard surface.

Keep your tweezers in an enclosed tweezer case, tweezer tube or tweezer stand when not in use. This helps to protect them from the environment as well as potential damage if they accidentally drop.


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