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Lash Cleanser Prolong

Using the appropriate cleanser for lashing is a crucial part to excellent retention. However, there are some "cleansers" that lash artists may recommend to their clients that actually REDUCE their client's retention rate. Read more to find out which cleanser we recommend to our own clients as well as other lash artists.


What Causes Retention Issues?

While faulty application can be an issue of retention for lash extensions, a majority of the time it's something that many of us can't escape no matter how much we may try: oil. Not only does our face produce "oil" (sebum), but many of the cosmetics and skincare we use on the daily also contain different oils. Oils are usually the main contributor to the premature breakdown of eyelash extension adhesive, which leads to lash extension fallout.

Why Are Clean Lash Extensions So Important?

Many of us know that clean eyelash extensions are key to great retention, but it also increases hygiene of the eye area and reduces chances of nasty infections. With proper daily lash cleansing, retention and infections shouldn't be an issue! So, the product we love and recommend is Prolong Lash Cleanser!

Prolong Lash Cleanser

This eyelash cleanser is truly an oil-free product, which was specifically formulated to be used with eyelash extensions. (Please avoid ever using/recommending shampoo or anything other than a cleanser that was specifically created with lash extensions in mind!)

So... why exactly does Prolong Lash Cleanser do and why does it work so well?

Environmental Factors

The job of our natural lashes are to protect our eyes from dirt, dust and debris. This is the main reason as to why eyelash extensions develop build up; wearing extensions can increase the collection of these particles in the lash line since there is a larger surface area (especially on mega volume lash sets).

Using makeup that contains oil (foundations, eyeliners etc.) and other skincare (like sunscreen) can clog pores, and block hair follicles. This can lead to infections and may impact one's ability to continue getting lash extensions.

Everyone has a little amount of Demodex mites on their eyelids and lash line, and their job is to clean up dead skin cells. However, they can overpopulate and become problematic with improper hygiene.

The Many Uses of Prolong

Prolong Lash Cleanser makes removing makeup removal easy! It's great for breaking down makeup, which is perfect for lash health, regardless of eyelash extensions. Going to bed with any amount of makeup on has always been a "skin sin."

Prolong is perfectly pH balanced and completely friendly to our skin, so there's no worries of it being too moisturizing or overly drying. This cleanser can be used as a lash cleanser, facial cleanser, hand soap, and even a makeup brush cleanser! There are so many uses for this cleanser, and we hope that you consider looking into it if you haven't already!

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