Pinch or Sticky Strip Method: Which Is Your Favorite?

Whether you're a new to volume eyelash extensions or you're a seasoned artist, you'll know that there are a variety of ways to create beautiful volume fans! The two I will be discussing today are the sticky strip method and the pinch method; you might have different names for them, but continue reading on to see which one you prefer!

Pinch Method

Put your tweezers on the top and bottom of the lash extensions, right above the sticky strip that the lashes are attached to.  Decide on what lash map you're trying to achieve since the more lashes you pull, the bigger the fan and the less you pull, the smaller the fan. Pull the chunk of lashes off of the sticky strip, towards you and up.

Then, with your the tips of your thumb and index fingers pointed toward your chest, pinch the fan! Or, you could simply use the crease on your index finger. As you pinch the base of the cluster of lashes, slightly release pressure on the tweezers, allowing the lashes to move.

Once you have the base of that volume fan snatched, dip it into the adhesive very lightly and about 2 millimeters into it.

Sticky Strip Method

First, you'll want to select the lashes you'll be using on your client. The "sticky strip" is what lash extensions come attached to and can often be removed from their box! Depending on the look and lash map you're trying to achieve, select the appropriate amount of lash extensions: more lashes make a bigger, more dense fan while less lashes make a smaller, narrower fan.

Next, you’re going to set the chunk of lashes back onto an empty space on the sticky strip.  You will then use your lashing tweezer to manipulate and move the base of the lashes by shimmying the tweezers back and forth.  This will simultaneously spread the tips of the lashes and bring the bases together to be one fan.  Continue this motion with the tweezers until your fan is perfection!

Once that's complete, pull the fan off of the sticky strip with your eyelash tweezers, but be careful not to destroy your work while you dip the base of the fan into the adhesive.  Dip the base of the extension about 2 millimeters into your lash bond, then place on your client's isolated natural lash!

Are you still trying to master your volume fanning methods? Not to worry, we've got our Perfect Russian Premade lash extensions that can help to speed up your lashing time for your clients while you continue to master your fanning!


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