Our Favorite Lash Retention Trio

Sometimes in life, beautiful things come in three. We know it’s true because our favorite lash retention trio is EVERY lash artist’s dream! On their own, the primer, bond, and sealer are incredible. But together, they’re dynamite! Through practice and experience, we’ve found that these three products work well together to ensure you can create high-quality lash sets to keep clients (and your lash business) happy.

Lash Extension Retention Products

Rose Scented Primer

Let’s start at the top: primer! Priming before application means that your hard work won’t easily come undone. Our rose-scented primer has a safe, non-drip formula that is 100% vegan. It removes any residue before applying, and can be used on both natural lashes and extensions. Cruelty-free, this primer improves retention by setting the foundation for those extensions to stand strong. Remember to cleanse before you prime to ensure an extra amazing hold.

Superior Bond

Next, we have Superior Bond - a clear, quick-drying lash adhesive that’s latex and formaldehyde-free and is literally made to last. Up your retention game with this thin, low-fume formula that minimizes fall out. Be sure to use it while working in areas with humidity of 10% or more for optimal bonding. Lash Meka is based in Hawaii, and we have heard from other Hawaii lash artists as well as those in a few other states and countries who absolutely LOVE our glue. If you live somewhere with lower humidity, you can always opt to invest in a humidifier to make sure the Superior Bond lash glue is performing how it should. Try it on your next Classic or Volume set! (Once opened, please use it within 5 weeks for best results.)

Forever Bonded

Lash extensions aren’t forever, but this sealer could definitely fool us! For all clients, sensitive or not, Forever Bonded will lock in those fumes at the base. A few drops brushed through the base with a microfiber brush, and those lashes will be sealed and ready to go. Sealing after application is a great way to push that retention limit even further and make sure your set lasts through it all.

Why buy primer, bond, and sealer separately, when you can bring all three of them together to create the dream team? These amazing products are essentials for a lash artist’s toolbox. The primer sets a clean stage, the bond adheres to the extension, while the sealer locks it all in. Together, this trio is unstoppable - it’s no wonder it’s our fave. By design, they work together to make “lash perfection” simple. No more guessing if your lash products will work hand in hand to help you create a beautiful lash set: this trio is all you need!


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