Does Lash Curl Matter?


One of the questions that arise during the beginning stages of a lash artist's career is: “Does lash curl matter?” The short answer - Yes. The long answer - that’s a loaded question. Lash curls and identifying them can feel as nerve-racking as sorting by bra size, but it’s important to know. You don’t wanna shoot for “drama” and come up short. Just the same - you don’t want to aim for “subtle” and end up creating an early Halloween look… Bookmark these tips to make sure you better understand your curls to create the perfect lash sets! 

C Curl Lash Extensions

Starting off with the most natural of the lashes, C Curl lashes give a natural, “wide-eyed” look, without giving the appearance of "weighing"  down the lash set or adding too much drama. You can stagger and blend layers to add texture to more dramatic sets. This curl creates a  flawless finish, and works well with clients of varying ages.

CC (C+) Curl

If you were guessing, “CC is probably a C Curl with a little more va va voom,” you were right. CC (or C+) Curl lashes are natural, but edging toward dramatic, without the full commitment. Think “more visible, noticeable.” Something to turn up your client who's a natural beauty and give it that little extra whoa! Clients who start out wanting “only natural classic lash looks,” may become curious about volume sets. Layering CC curls in their upcoming map is a great way to transition them into more dramatic sets.

Mega Volume Lash Set

D Curl Lashes

Move out the way - can you say DRAMA?! Reserved only for those who are fully prepared to stop the entire show, D Curl lashes create an effect unlike any other. Usually mixed with other curls for a texturizing effect and to create an illusion of a bigger eye, D curl doesn’t stop for apologies. Volume clients will definitely ask for these by name, but make sure to map it out first. Please keep in mind that D Curls are not ideal for clients with naturally straight lashes, as the base doesn’t fare well for lash retention.

DD (D+) Curl

DD (or D+) Curl lashes are the definition of bold and daring. There’s no need to waste time with “subtle” - you want drama, and goodness that’s an understatement. No one has to worry about you stopping the show - with lashes like that, you ARE the show. You’ll turn heads and drop jaws on a Tuesday afternoon. Ideal for volume sets and lash lovers who intend to make an entrance, DD Curl lashes are the perfect no-effort addition to your entire look.

Luckily for you, our 0.03 Mega Volume Lash Trays are available in all curls so you can stock up on them for your natural clients or your clients who love a little drama in their lash sets!

As the lash artist, your final look is like a masterpiece, with different parts blending together to make a complete visual. It’s important to discuss and set expectations with your client beforehand. Lash artists can then map out and plan a visually pleasing set, based on client goals. If you can identify curl differences and use them to your advantage, you’ll be able to create beautiful sets that can adapt to your client’s current and future needs!


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