Tips for Beginner Lash Artists

Every lash artist has to start somewhere! The best lash artists stick to the tips & tricks that work well for them. Practice isn’t always pretty, but having guidelines that are tried and true definitely helps. Here are a few helpful tips we’ve picked out that’ll lessen the stress of taking the first steps on your lash journey:

Monitor Your Pace with Isolation

As you practice your technique, make a note of how long it takes to isolate the longer lashes compared to the shorter lashes. It is worth it to take your time, but being a perfectionist can make it take longer to complete a set. No matter how you set up the room lights, or how well you and your client “vibe,” the extra time can put a damper on both you and your client’s overall experience.

Skip the GPS, but Don’t Skip the Map!

Without a map, you’re working with that tiny glimmer of hope that maaaybe you won’t get lost. I think we can all agree, driving or lashing, the odds aren’t always in our favor.  Mapping is a plan for your layers, and helps to get your symmetry down. Over time, you may need your guide less and less, but it’s great to have a lash map, especially when starting out. This saves you time in the long run, since you won't be second guessing your lash fan placements or which lash curl you should do next if you're doing a textured volume lash look!

How Much Adhesive?

Make a note of the amount of lash adhesive needed when applying extensions. Too little and you risk having poor retention: the extensions won’t take well and there’s a chance of lash fallout. However, if you use too much, the extension will be too heavy for the natural lash and could also fall out. Try to gently dip, instead of swipe, for a bead of adhesive. Over time, practicing will help you figure out that sweet spot of “just enough” adhesive.

Take a Step Back - Don’t Get Too Close

Physically stepping back, periodically throughout your set, allows you to get a better overview of your progress. When you’re focused and “in the zone,” the bigger picture can get blurry.  Changing perspective helps you to confirm that your client’s lashes are pointing in the right direction. You’re also able to see that the lash style complements your client’s facial/eye structure.

mega volume lash extensions

Check Your Work

You spent time meticulously creating a masterpiece, right? Don’t forfeit your hard work by forgetting to take a look and give your lash set a “once-over.” If lashes aren’t isolated properly, or a previous extension hasn’t dried before the next one is applied, you’ll end up with "stickies." You can remove the adhesive, clean the area, and reapply.  As you continue, remember to look for any lashes sticking to each other. It's best to spend the last 10 minutes of your session reviewing individual lashes and sifting through layers, clearing any that are stuck, as a final touch.

After reviewing a few of these reminders, you’ll soon see that, with practice, these tips have been used and reused for a reason. Good practice habits will make the necessary growing pains and learning process as a beginner lash artist a little less difficult. Eventually, these behaviors will become second nature to you and you’ll wonder how different lashing could have been, without the helpful advice of those who have experience. In this way, your experience is rooted in the wisdom of the lash artists before you.

Are you wanting to advance your lashing skills? We offer in-person and online classic/volume lash trainings!


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