Lash Extension Add-On Services: Easy Ways To Increase Your Income

While lash extensions in and of itself is a pretty lucrative business, it's always a good idea to offer add-on services for your clients. If you're looking at a few ways to increase your income, here a few services that you could try out:


Bottom Lash Extensions

Our natural bottom lashes are generally thinner and shorter than our upper lashes, which means that bottom lash extensions are also a bit thinner than normal! The hint of definition that bottom eyelash extensions offer can give your client's the appearance of a more "open" eye.

The good news is that this service takes much less time to apply than upper lashes, mainly because there are less bottom lashes and there isn't a necessity to apply an extension to each natural lash. You can always suggest this to a client while you're doing their lash set (if you have enough time), or recommend it while booking their infill.

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Brow Tints

If your client is the ultimate "I woke up like this" vibe, offering brow tinting services is a super quick way to give clients perfectly shaped brows that last for a few weeks! putting extra money in your pocket at very little extra cost to you. With no daily upkeep required, these are a great service for client's who are always on the go. Another amazing thing about brow tinting is that it can be completed fairly quickly, and last them a few weeks (and then you can suggest to tint them again at their infill).

Brow Waxes

Having clean, shaped brows and stunning extensions in a lash photo is every lash artists dream! Consider offering brow waxing services to your clients since they're quick and most clients won't even think twice about spending another $10 to $15 for beautiful brows. You can even offer a brow wax-and-tint combo package at a semi-discounted price, which can have you making a little extra per client, without running over your appointment time!


When doing lashes, consider adding three to five minutes prior to the start of the lash extension appointment to allow time for a “facial”. You can cleanse their face and lashes, give them a gentle massage, then apply a hydrojelly mask and/or apply collagen eye pads to give your clients the ultimate "spa" treatment. Their skin will be glowing and hydrated, and they'll be feeling like a queen!

Lip Scrub/Lip Mask

Soft, kissable lips never go out of style. Applying a lip mask prior to their appointment or applying a lip scrub near the end of the lash appointment is an easy service to add. Offering a lip mask is a great strategy for clients who are very expressive when they talk (their eyes flutter a lot when they tell you the "tea," which can make it difficult for lashing and can cause irritation to their eyes).


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