How To Survive The Holidays As A Busy Lash Artist

The holidays are such a busy season for everyone: from planning gatherings, spending time with loved ones, coordinating family photoshoots, finding time to shop for your friends and colleagues, all the while still trying to lash clients!

Being in the industry for nearly 5 years, each holiday season has definitely been one of the busiest for me. Many lash clients would often forget to book their lash fills, hoping for me to squeeze them in, since they literally had so many other things on their mind. I always would do my best to accommodate them, but I've tried to also minimize the stress on my schedule by gently reminding clients to prebook.

Once I stopped just being a lash artist, and became a lash extension supplier, I felt like I had less and less time around the holiday season since I had to make sure I had enough product for Black Friday, figure out what discounts and promotions to offer that were enticing but made sense for my business, plan and strategize my social media marketing tactics leading up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, shipping out orders, all the while lashing full time. I do enjoy my business and my clients, but often the last three months of the year can be overwhelming.

Lash meka Owner | Lash Artist, Hawaii

Fortunately, I've learned a few things the past few years on what works well for me, and might work well for you too! I realized the largest stress I had during the holiday season was making sure I had enough content planned out as well as planning ahead. For the majority of 2022, I've been setting aside content days in my schedule, where I strictly focus on creating content and filming content, so the upcoming week or month is pretty much planned out and all I need to do is post the content. I also have been trying to plan an entire month of content in advance, which also would help me to create sales strategies that would be in line with whatever content I'd planned on posting. I've noticed that this has had a great outcome on my business: my content has more meaning and I'm less stressed out. The major challenge with social media is being consistent, which is why I knew I needed to create a more efficient system when it came to my strategy. If you want to learn more about my social media tips, check out The Art of Being on Brand!

2022 is almost ending, and I feel like 2023 is going to be a challenging yet rewarding year. I'll be a first time mommy, plus business owner, so if you have any advice for how you manage your time, feel free to leave a comment on this blog or DM us @lash.meka!




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