Volume Lashes: How To Fix Their Issues

Many of us are obsessed with various volume lash extension styles like "Wispy," "Liner Look," "Kim K," and so much more! While volume lashes are stunning, there can be a few issues that a lash artist might run into if they're not careful or experienced. Keep reading to learn more!

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Too Much Lash Adhesive

If you over do it with your lash glue, this increases the likelihood of a negative eye reaction if the lash adhesive touches the delicate eye area. Excessive glue also creates boxy bases that damage the natural lash, which leads to poor retention and a bulky lash line. Too much adhesive can also cause volume lash fans to close before or during the placement process of the application. 

However, if you lose too little adhesive, this can also be the "perfect storm" for poor attachment or no attachment. This can again increase client dissatisfaction and the likelihood that extensions will fall off quickly.


Just be mindful of how much adhesive you apply, so you can get the correct amount needed for proper attachment! Less is more when it comes to lash adhesive. It's also super important for you to make sure you're lashing in an optimal environment for your lash glue, so be sure to measure your lash studio's humidity, temperature, and you're storing your lash glue properly.

Poor adhesive control won't just cause your client's natural lashes to suffer; you could potentially cause damage to your client's eyes!

Improper Lash Placement

Placement is so important when it comes to lash extensions, but especially volume lash sets! Incorrectly attaching volume fans far from the lash or not flush with the natural lash is a common cause of poor lash retention. This can cause discomfort for you client, where they may start picking at their lashes or rubbing their eyes, the lash extension might break the natural lash or the extension might just fall off. Those scenarios all equal an unhappy/dissatisfied client!


Practice, practice, practice! Volume lash application is different from classic lash extensions, so invest in your lash education! You also need to understand what placement is best for each lash. Do you need to do a side placement, top or bottom placement? If you are applying all of your fans the same way, you may not be getting the best retention that you could be possible! So, practice and education are the tools that can continually help you with your craft.

Messy Lash Lines

Lash extensions that are twisting and turning on the natural lash can cause unnecessary discomfort for your clients. By not taking your time in creating handmade fans, not being careful during the application or not understanding how to correctly create volume fans can result in a messy look.  

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To avoid creating crooked fans, be mindful of how you are picking up your volume fans. Be sure to pull the lashes up and toward you, rather than to the side or backward from the strip. Remember to use the right lashing tweezers for the job!

Slow down when making volume lash fans to ensure that they're symmetrical. Avoid the look of a crowded lash line by using ideal lash extension placement, as well as checking the diameters you are using for your lash fans and being aware of what your client's natural lashes can handle.


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