2022 Trending Lash Maps

Once you dive headfirst into the world of eyelash extensions, we're sure you’ll hear about the most favored lash styles: classic, volume, wispy, etc. There are more than a few youtube videos and TikTok tutorials that’ll show you how to get these much-desired, popular looks for yourself. Here we’ll cover a few of the newest lash looks from 2022 that have been making waves! These new-school techniques might become the next best secret to add to your lash business’s Instagram feed this year.


Wet lash extension look
  • Wide-eyed, exaggerated
  • Balanced & staggered blend of closed spikes and fluffy, open fans for a “poolside” look

This bold style gives you the best of both worlds: spikes for DRAMA, framed by the fluffy, natural look of a classic set. Great for clients with medium to full lash lines, wet lashes allow you to grace the stage with all the “oomph” needed to steal the show, but without the added weight. An added benefit is that you can protect your client’s natural lashes. The bolder spikes of wet lash sets are evenly spread out that give it a balanced yet bold look!


Wispy lash Look
  • Dramatic, fluffy, feathery
  • Multiple layers, noticeable spikes, and varying lengths to create different effects

The versatility of looks you can achieve with the wispy style includes doll-eye, squirrel, Kardashian, cat-eye lash sets… the possibilities are truly endless. Staggering the extensions of different lengths allows you the flexibility to change up the lash map’s style as often as you want. With proper application and aftercare, wispy styles protect the natural lashes from sustaining damage. They give the look of full but “soft;” they’re a great way to create a more natural type of look to any lash map!


Anime Style lash extension look

  • Wide-eyed, perky, doll-like effect
  • A mix of long, noticeable spikes, paired and spaced evenly with shorter lashes

The doll-like look from anime and manga characters is super popular and trending right now. Other styles will try to create the illusion of blending in, while the goal of anime lash styles is to create a look that stands out. The spikes in anime looks are much more prominent, a little less natural, and create a “wow” effect that’ll hold your gaze.


Have you tried any of these trends? Which style are you ready to test out? Eyelash extensions at first glance seem to be pretty simple, but when you explore different styles, you’ll find a world of possible looks to try out! Trends are fun and change with the times, but we encourage you to take the risks and try out some new styles. The best way to build your own style is testing out different looks! Feel free to check out our free lash map guide to help give a quick understanding on which eye shapes work with certain lash maps as well as a few lash maps to try out on your lash clients!


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